AL: $95
AK:  $65
AZ: $95
AR: $(Out of Stock)
CA: $150
CO: $120
CT: $75*
DE: $65
FL: $95
GA: $(Out of Stock)
HI: $(Out of Stock)
ID: $90
IL: $120
IN: $80
IA: $90
KS: $80
KY: $80*
LA: $95
ME: $80
MD: $75
MA: $(Out of Stock)
MI: $170
MN: $85
MS: $80
MO: $110
MT: $75
NE: $85
NV: $120
NH: $70
NJ: $100
NM: $100
NY: $140
NC: $(Out of Stock)
ND: $75
OH: $75
OK: $80
OR: $90
PA: $75
RI: $75*
SC: $95
SD: $(Out of Stock)
TN: $90*
TX: $120
UT: $80
VT: $75
VA: $120
WA: $80
WV: $75
WI: $110
WY: $(Out of Stock)
FOR GROUPS 3-4, Subtract $10
FOR GROPS 5+, Subtract 15$

* Indicates State is currently under a promo price.  States with a "*" are not subject to group discounts

+++ Indicates Budget price for a lower quality of the same state!  Note:  Budget IDs still scan and ship in the same time!

Rush production: Add $20 to order
(Skip my line of customers.  Saves ~3 to 7 days)

Express shipping:  Add $40 to order (Comes with a tracking number.)

Quality Novelty IDs made to last.  
All IDs 
-Pass UV light test
-Past Bend Test
-Contain Correct Holographic
-Have Correct Micro-printing

Shipping times, on average, take only 2-4 weeks!  Often times less!  Currently only accepting Bitcoin.  Bitcoin is much simpler than what one might imagine.  Simply go to and purchase the required amount of bitcoin!  NOTE: Due to Bitcoin costs and fluctuations, I recommend you buy 50 cents more than needed!


- Now accepting Amazon Giftcards as a payment method.  Paying with Amazon will cost 50% more!!!

- Now accepting Litecoin as a payment method.  Litecoin is very similar to Bitcoin, only faster!  Litecoin is also available on  Payment will cost the same as Bitcoin!

To order, click here and fill out form!